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Adrin goes all over this city, and the number one issue he hears the most about is the crisis of homelessness on our streets. Adrin will help us tackle this crisis head-on by…

Corruption and Government Transparency

Recent political scandals in Los Angeles have underscored the systemic challenges of corruption and scandal that Adrin will address.

Public Safety

As a Councilmember, Adrin’s foremost duty is to cultivate a city and communities where safety is felt by all Angelenos. Unfortunately, many individuals don’t experience this, and our first responders are facing overwhelming demands.

Affordability and Housing

Adrin knows we cannot solve the crisis on our streets without addressing the crisis of affordability. Los Angeles needs to produce approximately 57,000 units per year to meet housing demand. However, since 2014, it has been producing only about 16,700 units per year, according to the Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA). This inaction exacerbates both the housing and homeless crises. This city is becoming excessively expensive, and Adrin is the leader to step up with bold solutions.

Equity, Equality and Access

Los Angeles has made some reforms to increase equity, equality, and access to city services, but there are still entrenched biases that need to be addressed.

Jobs and Economic Development

The combined challenges of homelessness, affordability, and housing have significantly complicated the task of generating jobs and fostering economic development. Adrin’s bold leadership will provide the following steps:

The Environment and Greening Los Angeles

While Los Angeles stands as one of the nation’s greenest cities, our commitment to greening Los Angeles and championing environmental justice must persist.


Adrin is the only candidate to bring unmatched experience in delivering effective mobility solutions to Valley residents, setting him apart as the sole candidate in this field with a proven track record.

Animal Welfare

Adrin has also been responsible for pursuing and passing some of the nation’s strongest animal protections into law, during his service in the legislature. Adrin’s animal welfare legislative portfolio reflected a broad exploration of the multi-faceted issues impacting animal welfare.

Enhanced Constituent City Services

As someone that has worked at the Federal, State and Local office, Adrin knows how to deliver constituent service for the community. He knows that the City of Los Angeles needs to be better at delivering basic constituent service.